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Time Body Space Objects 2
Curated by Alice Vogler and Vela Phelan
Saturday, October 20, 2012
10 am-10pm
Anthony Greaney Gallery
450 Harrison Avenue
boston 02118

12 artists have been invited to participate.
Each artist will choose one hour – randomly, out of a hat.
There will be no clean up or set up time, one hour will transition into the next.
Each artist must leave the space empty at the end of their hour.  
The theme will be commitment.
There will be no remnants left behind.

Participating artists:

10am-11am Tom Maio  

11am-12pm Martine Viale

12pm-1pm Daniel DeLuca

1pm-2pm Jeff Huckleberry

2pm-3pm Erik Benjamins   

3pm-4pm  Sandrine Schaefer  

4pm-5pm Nicholas Buffon

5pm-6pm Rob Andrews

6pm-7pm Ryan Hawk

7pm-8pm Peter Dobill

8pm-9pm Anya Liftig

9pm-10pm Tim Devin

tbso2 thanks Anthony Greaney for his support and trust..[]


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